We take great pride in the way put together our Menu's. We know view site that each one of you is different so we ensure that no two events of ours have the same Menu. We sit with you and customize our Menus based on the kind of event, time of the year and the palate of the guests.

Our team of expert chefs has a library of recipes of all kinds of cuisines which is available for you to buy Forzest online cheap, buy clomid. choose from when you visit us. New recipes are being tried and added on every day to reinvent ourselves and to keep abreast of new ingredients and Cuisines. Therefore, we could probably be catering for you for seven days at a stretch and NEVER repeat a dish, even if repeat a cuisine.

Starting with the Pooja ceremonies to cocktails to mending to bachelorette parties to the main event, we cutomize it all.

For corporates, we undertake sit down dinners of 50 to conferences of 5000 as efficiently. We are enclosing herewith a few of our sample menus. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Please visit us for more information and for customizing your Menu.

Our Menu is starting from Rs 300/- Onwords

Plz Call or Whatsapp On 08218133181